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Guided Meditations For Anxiety, Self Confidence, Motivation, Quitting Smoking, Weight Loss, Relationships and hundreds other issues.

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Healthy Eating

Overcome Compulsive Eating Disorder

Is a compulsive eating starting to rule your life? Are you looking for a way to break free of its grasp? Compulsive eating can make you feel guilty, ashamed and out of control.


Become More Internally Motivated with Guided Meditations

Develop the instincts to drive yourself forward without the need for external encouragement

Hypnosis Packs

Bring Mindfulness Into Your Everyday Life and Develop a Deep Well of Inner Calm

Save money with this focusing, relaxing hypnosis 5-pack

Personal Development

Discover Your Future with Hypnotic Age Progression

Use hypnosis to check out what's ahead - and change your life right now

Please put your mind at rest - every hypnosis session is crafted by a team of 4 experienced hypnotherapists and psychologists, so you are getting the very best self hypnosis available.

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Professionally Developed Self Hypnosis Audios.  Click the Photos for links to more info...

The Weight Management Hypnosis 5-Pack

Develop the psychological approaches to food of naturally slim people
Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Help for Generalized Anxiety Disorder...

Use hypnosis for anxiety and you can feel calm today

So you know cigarettes are bad for you and you've tried really hard to quit smoking. Now what?

For whatever reason, you’ve decided to quit smoking and you’re thinking of using hypnosis. So what you really need to know is - why hypnosis, and why should you get this program in particular?

Get Some Help Getting Over a Relationship

How hypnosis can help heal your broken heart.

Are you trying to Get over a relationship that's ended and finding it hard to let go?