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Instant Self Hypnosis is an audio session that will take you into a deep trance state - and then teach you how to get back there, in an instant.

Learn self hypnosis

Why Should You Learn Self Hypnosis?

You can learn instant self hypnosis. Not only is it possible to learn self hypnosis, but you can do it in a day. In fact, you can master self hypnosis and gain control over your heart rate and over anxiety.

Self hypnosis is a state of mind where you are relaxed and alert at the same time. This is a state of mind where you are able to accomplish great things that were thought impossible when you are not in this state of mind.

Self hypnosis has been around for thousands of years. It was used as far back as Biblical times. The only thing new about self-hypnosis is the name. The principles have remained the same all along.

You can learn to use self hypnosis to stop smoking, lose weight and make other changes that improve your health. Some people have found that they can relieve chronic back pain with self hypnosis.

You can also use self hypnosis to help you sleep better. You can do it while you are awake or asleep. If you want to learn how to do this, it will help if you read this article on the benefits of sleep. Here is a link: fall fast asleep.

People find self hypnosis very relaxing and helpful for reducing stress. It reduces stress by helping you relax as well as by distracting you from everyday stresses. See this page for several good books on self hypnosis:
You may be able to find a book or two in your local library, but they may not have the books that I think best for beginners.  I have a list in my Bookstore of excellent reads on self hypnosis